Saturday, 22 November 2014

Competitive cupcakes

On a happier note...

Blue minty swirl; ponds and lakes

...I won a cupcake competition!

Apple and blackberry; trees and plants

The theme was 20 Years of Rosliston Forestry Centre, in half a dozen cupcakes.

Vanilla supreme; Happy birthday!
I had fun creating six different flavours, based on a Madeira sponge recipe...

Caramel chocolate bar; outdoor activities
...and moulding sugarpaste decorations for the top of each one.

Hazelnut and honey; wildlife
 Once I managed to turn up on the correct day (I don't know why I had Saturday fixed in my head instead of Sunday)...

Choc chip and cherry; children's fun
 ...I got them safely delivered to the competition.

All together now...

And the judges were impressed!

Article in the Burton Mail
 We now have 6 months of free eggs!

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