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Monthly Munch: July

The weather this month has been beautiful, so we've been out enjoying it as much as we can - fruit picking, fete attending, gardening and walking.  Preschool is finished for the summer; I've planned weekly themes in an effort to stay sane during the holidays, so expect a few activity posts coming up. Toby He wanted me to make a box into a TV.  Here he is eating his lunch in it. - has made friends with the girls next door, and is getting much more confident socially - still insists on always wearing odd socks - has been loving the sandbox our neighbours gave us.  Apparently they nicknamed him "The Sandman" at preschool due to his love of digging - pounced on a writing practice book I bought him, and worked his way all the way through to P, doing really well at tracing all the letters. - won the hula hoop race at his first preschool sports day Athlete in action One of his great big Megabloks trucks Drawing a car with about a million wind

What did you just call me?

My name is Martha.  This is how I would introduce myself in almost every situation.  If more formality is called for, or I'm checking in for an appointment, I would add the surname: Hello, I'm Martha White.  Beyond those first exciting minutes of marriage, however, I cannot think of any scenario where I would introduce myself as Mrs White.  Entirely gratuitous wedding photo  Moreover, I could probably count on the fingers of one hand those that I have addressed in such a fashion over the last ten years or so.  Some of the more senior managers at work.  My obstetrician, if "Doctor" falls into the same category as Mr and Mrs.  Slightly unusually, the couple we bought our house from - at least for the first two or three meetings. It is perhaps not surprising, then, that I had never given a thought to how Toby referred to adults.  We used our friends' first names; therefore he did, too.  At church, in our neighbourhood, even when he started preschool, no one d

Summer Smoothies

Graham got a blender for Christmas, and has been using it to make very healthy smoothies involving spinach and carrots and such like.  For a while I've been eyeing it up with a view to making slightly less healthy smoothies, and I finally pounced.  Whirrrrrr yummmm. Berry Breakfast  OK, this isn't particularly unhealthy, but it's the creamy kind that I like and Graham doesn't.  He gamely tried a couple of sips, but then unfortunately I had to drink the rest of his.  What a shame.  This is quite tart, just right for waking you up in the morning, but if you prefer sweeter, substitute some vanilla yoghurt for the plain, or add a spoonful of honey. 250g / 1 cup plain Greek yoghurt 125g frozen mixed berries 2 tbsp strawberry granola (with freeze-dried strawberries) plus extra to top 125 ml / 1/2 cup milk 125 ml / 1/2 cup apple juice Whizz all together and sprinkle some extra granola on top.  Makes 2 servings (about 3 cups). Monday Morning Mocha This, on

Monthly Munch: June

We started the month feeling like a hotel (my parents, some university friends and Graham's family all visiting within ten days!) and ended the month staying in a hotel (our Newcastle trip).  In between we enjoyed the long days and sunshine with bike rides, barbeques, and Graham's new inflatable canoe. Out for a walk with Graham's family Toby - has definitely entered the "Why?" stage.  I thought we'd skipped it, but sadly not. - can do a scarily good snort (à la Peppa Pig) which entertains Theo no end. - managed to sweet-talk his way behind the wheels of a Bentley Turbo R and a Massey Ferguson tractor at some recent events. - announced that when he's five, he wants to drive a Subaru. Quotes: "I want to build with the avocado." (Meccano) To one of the girls next door: "I'm three and you're four." She: "I'm not four, I'm six." Toby: " Six?? That's really old!" Clea