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Into my thirties

I've been thirty for nearly a month now, so I thought it was about time to admit it to the world! Or that small portion of it which reads this blog, at least. Also to brag about my husband, who organised a surprise birthday party for the occasion. At least, it was a surprise until three days beforehand when he said, "I might need your help making your birthday cake." I said, "OK". He said, "This is probably a good time to mention that we need to be in on Sunday afternoon." "Oh yes?" "And the cake needs to feed at least 30 people." "Oh-kaaaayyy!" I went off to dig out my wedding cake tins from their box in the garage. I decided on a lemon cake and we got busy zesting and juicing nine lemons. We both mixed the cake, I iced it and Graham wrote on top. I think I might have a rival in cake decorating if he can do such a good job on his first attempt! On Sunday morning, believe it or not, it sta