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Cold snap

On Sunday afternoon at 5 pm it was 77°F; I went for a walk wearing shorts, T-shirt and sandals. On Monday morning at 8 am it was 27°F; I went for a walk wearing coat, scarf, hat, gloves, and boots. Living here certainly gives you a new appreciation of warm and cold fronts.

Ice Ice Baby

This Saturday we went to see the Ice! exhibition at the Gaylord Texan resort, near Grapevine. Thousands of pounds of real ice carved, coloured and illuminated to form amazing displays. It was a tad expensive but well worth it. As you will see.... Old Man Winter, I presume. Giant baubles. Trying to eat a fairy cake! The big blue coats were standard issue, and I was glad of mine despite having another coat on underneath. The exhibit was kept at 9 degrees F (-13 Celsius). Although Graham, as always, didn't seem to feel the cold at all. Here he is with a rather weird elf. Ice-gingerbread house. Well, I guess an ice exhibition has to include a skating rink! The trees were real trees, I think, coated with ice. The giant angel was beautiful. And the finishing touch - a life-size nativity scene. Finally, the fun part! We both had to have two goes on the slide. Sorry the video is sideways - I couldn't work out how to rotate it.