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It's hard to believe our littlest one is now a chunky three-year-old who comes up to his brother's shoulder!  Yes, Theo's celebrated another birthday and is still as cute as ever (bed-hair and all). He will leap into your lap for a hug, is perpetually jumping up and down, and always wants to know what's cooking.  He loves to copy whatever Toby does.  He proudly proclaims himself "all dressed up" when he's put his own hat, coat and gloves on, and can operate the remote to turn his beloved "Paw Taprol" programme on.  He plays with toy hammers, playdough, cars and food. Theo's one stipulation for his birthday was that it involved "sprinkles and candles".  So we dispensed with any idea of a party, and put our energy into homemade pizza and chocolate cake instead.  I'd say that was a success. I have to eat the whole thing??? He also opened a generous array of presents in the morning, which kept him pretty busy f

Monthly Munch: January 2017

We celebrated New Year's Day with a party, and my birthday with a visit to the Mug Tug, a paint-a-pot place on a canal boat.  We had about two hours of snow (It fell.  It settled.  It melted.) and some very cold days.  And we made another trip to the children's emergency department. Toby - has really got into the latest bedtime book, The Secret Garden .  He drew pictures of it and discussed what might happen next.   - thankfully seems to have pretty much recovered from his sickness bug. though he did feel a little sick after this! - notices which year every car licence plate belongs to, and which ones are personalised. - started being allowed to wear slippers at school, which inexplicably made the national press . - painted a tank at the Mug Tug. Theo - fell down the stairs and broke his finger.  OUCH.  Two-year-olds recover remarkably quickly; he still has it strapped to the next finger, but it hardly seems to bother him. - gave his dumm