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We have wedding photos!

There was a delay at the photo developing company, apparently, but we now have 5 folders full of photos of ourselves looking extremely happy. I've put a few up on Facebook in a rather haphazard manner, just to keep everyone photo-satisfied for a few more days. Here's the link: (I deleted that album so have deleted link; see above for new link) It's Labor Day weekend here, so in common with probably everyone else in the country, we're planning to go away, so I won't be around to add more photos until probably Tuesday. Till then... enjoy!

our new apartment

Moving was a slightly surreal experience given that our new place looks almost exactly the same as the old one, except for being a different layout. That's what you get for living in a throw-'em-up-and-pack-'em-in apartment complex I guess - albeit a very nice one. So, entering apartment 433: To your right is the master bedroom: with en-suite bathroom: and looking back, from your left, that's a walk-in closet, door to the hallway and door to the bathroom: Following the layout so far? OK, go back to the hallway and put your back to the front door again, and this time walk straight forwards into the sitting room: As you can see, ahead of you is the door to the balcony: for which I have grand plans for a herb garden and other plants. Leading off the living room is the dining area: and if you walk through that and round to your right you reach the kitchen: Go back through the living room again: and if you turn right (

photos now available

No actual wedding photos yet I'm afraid (hope they arrive soon...) but the photos of the rest of the trip are now on Facebook at: Enjoy! and I might get round to putting a bit more of a story on here at some point, but the photos will give you the general idea.

Mr and Mrs White

Just a quick post to say that yes, Graham and I are now married, the ceremony was beautiful, the honeymoon was amazing, and photos should be available next week, at which time you can have the whole story with pictures! If I can I'll get some photos up before then, but I'm working off a public computer which makes playing around with hundreds of photos a bit more complicated. Watch this space...