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Monthly Munch: February

Sunset at Kedleston Park Toby We went out and forgot his jacket, so he had to wear Graham's fleece! - likes kissing and holding his new baby brother, and gives Theo his comfort blanket when he cries. - is getting tired of everyone asking, "Is this your baby brother, then?" - can read quite a few words now.  I have found myself saying, "Don't read too long, now," as I put him to bed. Megabloks creation - quotes of the moment: "What do you do if you don't like duck?  If you don't like duck, you're rather stuck!" from that classic of British comedy, Fawlty Towers . "Come on, old buddy!  You can do it!  Suck up that water, take in that sunlight!" which is Papa Bear talking to his giant pumpkin in The Berenstain Bears and the Prize Pumpkin , but is adaptable to a surprising number of situations.  The car has been exhorted to "suck up that diesel", and Theo to "suck up that milk". An

St Chad

All my life the wind has spoken to me. The confusion of noise, the clash of branches, the crash of thunder have said to my soul: Beware! Are you ready? Behold, the Lord comes. He is coming with judgement, He is coming with majesty, He is coming in power. Are you ready? And all my life I have not been ready. I have fallen to my knees and pleaded for mercy and heard only the blowing of the wind. But today the angels have sung to me. The purity of tone, the beauty of melody, the complexity of harmony have said to my soul: Peace! You are ready. Behold, the Lord comes. He is coming with love, He is coming with joy, He is coming with reward. You are ready. And today I am ready. I have fallen to my knees and accepted Jesus' mercy and heard only the song of the angels. Recently we visited Lichfield Cathedral, which is associated with St Chad.  Chad, or Ceadda, became bishop of Lichfield in the 7th century, when it was part of the ancient kin

Theo Alexander

The due date was fast approaching, and, having had Toby five weeks early, this pregnancy was feeling like it had dragged on far too long.  On Sunday morning, two days before D-Day, we went to church, wearily confirming to eager enquiries that yes, we were still here, no baby in tow yet.  And then, at 3:30 am on the morning of Monday 10th February, my waters broke and things began to get moving.  Fast. Yes, I know I had to apologise to you ladies who have gone through long-drawn-out labours last time , and I'm afraid I have to do it again.  The change in the midwife's attitude when we got to the hospital was almost comical; she breezed in and put the monitors on and said, "I'll just leave those for a few minutes, then".  Back she came for a proper examination, had a quick feel, and: "OK, we'll get you to the delivery room RIGHT NOW," followed by a mad dash down the corridor in a wheelchair!  Our new little boy was born at 5:16 am. You

Monthly Munch: January

Several blogs I follow do some kind of regular round-up, which seems like a) a good way to find a reason to post, and b) a good way to keep family updated (and remember what's happened ourselves!).  Two good things can't be too bad, huh?  So here's the first installment of Martha's Monthly Munch. Toby - went from two mornings to five mornings at pre-school without even seeming to notice, and barely remembers to say goodbye before he's off to the toys. - had his first real sick days (poor baby) with some kind of cold / ear infection.  He wasn't himself for three days, and then woke up on the fourth as if he'd never been ill (and he'd only had one spoonful of the antibiotics - magic medicine!) - enjoys "squelch squirch" mud, and pulling crazy faces for the camera. - asks how baby brother is doing, and when he is "popping out". - flew a kite for the first time - and let go, necessitating a rescue mission from a neighbo