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Chocolate and what??

Chocolate avocado mousse.  It is a thing, apparently.  And not just a thing as in weird recipes you find on wacky websites - no, this was in a genuine published cookery book.  Entitled, since you ask, River Cottage Light & Easy by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.  Although I'm sure you can find it on any number of wacky websites too. So I had a couple of avocados that had been sitting in the fridge for ages, and I was convinced they were about to dissolve into slushy puddles if I didn't use them soon.  Of course, one of them turned out to be rock hard.  Another root in the fridge produced about 100ml of pureed tinned pears, left from an experiment in making pear and elderflower ice lollies.  So, into the food processor went the one ripe avocado, 3 tbsp of cocoa powder, the pear mush and a couple of teaspoons of honey.  One good whizz later, it had amalgamated into a pretty good mousse-like mixture that tasted much more like chocolate than avocado.  Success! Come dessert

On Communion

Come, enter in, approach the wine and bread. This is no mere remembrance of one who lies long dead. This is an invitation from one whose words all said: Come, enter in. Come, enter in, lay down your nagging fear. Your burdens may be lifted, your sins forgiven here. This table is a still point in all the changing year: Come, enter in. Come, enter in, though not with hate possessed - You need to ask forgiveness from those you have distressed. A blessing must be given if you would now be blessed: Come, enter in. Come, enter in, lift up your eyes again. Remember him who lived and died, compassion masking pain, And view him now in heaven, where he shall always reign: Come, enter in. Come, enter in, receive the bread and wine. Drink deep, eat well, and understand the sign - For in this holy sacrament God's grace will always shine: Come, enter in. This is an old poem.  I wrote it almost ten years ago, arising out of a prayer meeting at my church in Bristol, but i

Monthly Munch: June 2015

This was the month that I went back to work!  It was a little unexpected, but a job came up at a local family-run business called Bluebells Dairy, so I am now spending three days a week helping them to make ice cream.  Which means that Graham is now officially a stay-at-home Dad; or as he calls it, enjoying his retirement. It is also the month that Theo learned to walk.  That's him, see, disappearing into the distance.  Oh yes.  Don't take your eyes off him for a moment, or you're in trrrouble! Toby King Toby (of the holy knees)  - won 1st prize in the children's section of the Findern bake-off! "Toby's Chocolate Cake" - wanted to picket the judges of said bake-off.  He made a sign which said "1st prize for Toby or 2nd prize for Toby or 3rd prize for Toby".  We didn't let him put it on a stick and wave it outside the venue. - gets a little annoyed with Theo now he's more mobile: "Everything I try to do, T