Friday, 21 May 2010

Graham's birthday

Graham notched up another year last week, so we went out for a curry. Any excuse.

Actually that was the day before his birthday, as on the actual day I had an invitation to a ladies' night, so I deserted my poor husband in favour of having my feet massaged. Well, painted toenails are very sexy - it was all for him really, you see! I fitted in the wifely bit earlier in the day by making a birthday cake and Cornish pasties for dinner.

This is the cake and Graham before consumption:

And this is the result of applying one to the other:

If anyone is interested, it was the Konditor & Cook chocolate biscuit cake from the Green & Blacks cookbook - one of those where you melt lots of chocolate, stir in lots of yummy bits and throw it in the fridge to set. Very easy to make, and unfortunately even easier to eat!


Kristal Dawn Evens said...

Happy (late) b-day Graham! That cake does look very good. And were those real Heinz British baked beans.. : )

David said...

Beans and Peas... Graham, I always knew that you were strange.